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As the world’s leading provider of security products and solutions, Hikvision has been focusing on creating value for partners and customers, and a very important element of Hikvision value creation is in services.

Please kindly notice that HIKVISION sells products through authorized distributors and partners worldwide who would provide full support and services including product supply, installation, adjustment and warranty. Please kindly note that products purchased from any third party other than our authorized distributors/partners might be counterfeited, and may affect your access to our full support and services.


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As the authorized partner (Platinum Status) of Hikvision in Singapore since 2007, Prowler International provides customers with access to locally-warranted Hikvision products, featuring the correct firmware for this region. We offer after-sales on-site support and maintenance, with trained and certified technicians who specialize in Hikvision installations.

With over 10 years of experience, Prowler International is Singapore’s leading security technologist. We provide free non-obligatory on-site surveys to determine the most suitable Hikvision products based on your specific needs.

We offer a comprehensive one-stop destination for supplying and installing Hikvision products in Singapore, making it easy for customers to access the full range of products and services they require.

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