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Hikvision offers a range of products from Turbo HD CCTV Cameras, Turbo HD DVR, IP CCTV Cameras, IP Network Video Recorder, PTZ Cameras, Explosion-Proof & Anti-Corrosion Cameras, Access Control Products, Video Intercom Products, Alarm Products, display monitors, Mobile Products, Network Switches, Thermal Products, Temperature Screening Solution and many more.



Empower vision for the security and growth of the world.



To explore innovative ways to better perceive and understand the world, to empower vision for decision-makers and practitioners, and work together to enhance safety and advance sustainable development around the world.



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Hikvision stands as a global pioneer in delivering IoT solutions, with video expertise at its heart. Backed by a proficient and expansive research and development team, Hikvision crafts an extensive lineup of all-encompassing products and solutions tailored to diverse vertical markets. Expanding beyond the security sector, Hikvision’s influence extends into domains like smart home technology, industrial automation, and automotive electronics, aligning with its overarching strategic vision.

Furthermore, Hikvision’s offerings encompass robust business intelligence capabilities, empowering end users with the potential for heightened operational efficiency and amplified commercial accomplishments.

Presently, Hikvision boasts a workforce exceeding 52,000 individuals, of which more than 25,000 are dedicated to research and development (R&D) endeavors. Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to innovation, the company consistently allocates over 10% of its annual sales revenue towards research and development initiatives. Hikvision has strategically crafted a comprehensive and multi-tiered R&D framework that encompasses the entire spectrum of operations, ranging from initial research and conceptualization to design, developmental phases, rigorous testing, technical assistance, and customer service.

Based at its headquarters in Hangzhou, this R&D infrastructure operates on a global scale, featuring teams situated in key regions like the UK, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific, alongside eight prominent cities within China.

Hikvision is at the forefront of advancing key technologies such as Multi-dimensional perception, artificial intelligence, and big data. Additionally, the company drives innovation in imaging technologies, cloud computing, and video codec. Through dedicated efforts spanning several years, Hikvision has deepened its expertise in tailoring solutions to cater to a wide array of customer demands across various vertical markets. These markets encompass education, oil and gas, logistics, retail, safe cities, traffic management, and more.

Consequently, the company excels in providing specialized and adaptable solutions that align with the unique requirements of diverse markets. Beyond its prominent role in the video security industry, Hikvision has expanded its reach into sectors like smart home technology, robotics, automotive electronics, intelligent storage, fire security, infrared sensing, X-Ray detection, and medical imaging. These ventures demonstrate Hikvision’s commitment to exploring avenues for sustained long-term growth and development.

Hikvision has established one of the most extensive marketing networks in the industry, comprising 66overseas regional subsidiaries, to ensure quick responses to the needs of customers, users and partners. Hikvision products serve a diverse set of vertical markets covering more than 150 countries.

Hikvision went public in May, 2010, and is listed on SMEs Board at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

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